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Q. Do I need to have Zoom installed on my device?

To join a meeting from the COR2ED Engage platform and for the best experience we advise you to have the latest version of Zoom installed on your device.
You can download Zoom here

Q. Why am being asked for a password to enter the meeting?

Some meetings and webinars are password protected as they are by invitation only. If you have been invited to that meeting or webinar, the host will have given you a password to view that page.

Q. How do I join a meeting/webinar on COR2ED Engage?

To join a meeting/webinar navigate to the meeting/webinar page that you would like to join. On that page there will be a Launch Zoom Meeting button. Press this button and the Zoom app on your device should start.

Q. I cannot hear anyone on the meeting/webinar, what’s wrong?

When joining a Zoom meeting/webinar you are required to join using Computer Audio to be able to hear sound. To join using Computer Audio, in Zoom in the control panel, select Join Audio. If this does not fix the issue, ensure that you have connected with the correct devices in the Zoom settings, you can control this by clicking the small arrow next to the microphone icon in the control panel.
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